Street Tree Map Maintenance

The Street Tree Map is actively undergoing maintenance to replace and upgrade the interactive map of the site. We anticipate the update will be completed by Monday, July 23, 2018. If you have any tree-related issues to report, please call 311 or place a service request online. Thank you for your patience.

About The Map

Containing over 670,000 trees, The New York City Street Tree Map is the world’s most accurate and detailed map of a city’s street trees. Through this map, you can explore our city’s urban forest, mark trees as favorites and share them with your friends, and record and share all of your caretaking and tree stewardship activities.
More About The Map

During Our Maintenance

While the map is being updated, you can still learn more about the urban forest and find events to help take care of it.


Visit the tree care Library for tree care tips, stewardship groups in your area, a printable watering calendar, and more.
Caring for Street Trees

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Join others in caring for NYC’s urban forest by attending a tree planting or care events.
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