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New York City Street Tree Map
Explore and Care For NYC’s Urban Forest

About the New York City Street Tree Map

A tree trunk is surrounded by flowering plants and a painted wooden tree guard
The New York City Street Tree Map is the world’s most accurate and detailed map of a city’s street trees. Through this map, you can explore our city’s urban forest, mark trees as favorites and share them with your friends, and record and share all of your caretaking and tree stewardship activities.
Boroughs and Neighborhoods
When browsing the street tree map at a citywide level, you will see the city broken up into boroughs, and upon zooming in further, neighborhoods. Boroughs and neighborhoods with more street trees are shaded with a deeper green. You can select a borough or neighborhood to find more information about its trees, including the total number of trees within the neighborhood, their species diversity, and their total ecological benefits to the city.
Species and Size
When you filter the map by species, you can find more information on the diversity of street trees within New York City. Each species of tree has been given a different color, and related species have been designated with similar colors. You can also filter trees by ranges of tree diameter and the sizes of the tree points on the map are relative to their size in real life.
My Trees
You can add a tree to “My Trees” in order to mark it as one of your favorites. Doing so allows you to return to the tree quickly if you regularly record your care, makes it easier for you to share information about the tree with your friends, and best of all, it lets you show the world how much you love your tree!