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London Planetree

Platanus x acerifolia

London Planetree leaf example

London planetrees are the most common street trees in New York City. They are large deciduous trees that grow to about 66 to 98 feet. The London plane is a large deciduous tree that grows to about 66 to 98 feet tall with tree trunks about 10 feet or more in circumference. The bark is usually pale grey-green, smooth and exfoliating, or buff-brown and not exfoliating. The leaves are thick and stiff-textured, broad, palmately lobed, and maple-like. The young leaves in spring are coated with minute, fine, stiff hairs at first, but these wear off and by late summer the leaves are hairless or nearly so. The flowers are borne in one to three (most often two) dense spherical inflorescences on a pendulous stem, with male and female flowers on separate stems. The fruit matures in about six months and comprises a dense spherical cluster of achenes with numerous stiff hairs which aid wind dispersal; the cluster breaks up slowly over the winter to release the numerous seeds.


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Ecological Benefits

Stormwater intercepted each year

287,478,214 gallonsValue: $2,846,032.88

Stormwater intercepted each year

150,337,213 kWhValue: $18,979,303.86

Energy conserved each year

257,809 poundsValue: $1,348,001.04

Carbon dioxide reduced each year

337,897,126 tonsValue: $1,128,568.29

Total Value of Annual Benefits

Value: $24,301,906.07
Benefits are calculated using formulas from the U.S. Forest Service.
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