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New York City Tree Map
Explore and Care For NYC’s Urban Forest

Latest Inspection Results

This tree was last surveyed during the 2015-2016 street tree census or the 2016-2018 landscape park tree inventory. Learn more about the street tree census.

Tree Care Activities

Our park trees receive special care from Parks staff and conservancies. Want to expand your stewardship from the street to the park? Sign up for events with Partnerships for Parks or your local Friends Of group.

Ecological Benefits

Stormwater intercepted each year

195 gallonsValue: $1.94

Energy conserved each year

239 kWhValue: $30.11

Air pollutants removed each year

0 poundsValue: $2.11

Total Value of Annual Benefits

Value: $34.42
Benefits are calculated using formulas from the U.S. Forest Service.
Map Key Tree marker color indicates species. Marker size indicates trunk diameter. Click on a tree on the map to see full tree details.