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Installing a Sign

A sign that says “Please curb your dog. When dogs us as a bathroom it kills us.”
Many street tree stewards choose to place informative signs within tree beds. Signage can identify tree species, prompt pedestrians to respect plantings within the tree bed, remind pet owners to curb their dogs, or instruct other neighborhood residents on how to care for the tree. Please follow our guidelines to ensure that any signage you install is appropriate and will not cause harm to your tree.


  • Signs may be procured through an organization whose design has been permitted by NYC Parks, or may be homemade and in keeping with all other City guidelines. All signs are subject to removal by the City of New York.
  • Signs must be firmly affixed to a post and staked in the ground, avoiding damage to tree roots, or affixed to an existing tree guard.
  • Signs must not penetrate the tree bark. Nails, staples, and pins are not permitted.
  • Signs may identify the person or entity providing tree care.
  • Signs may consist of images or text identifying the species of a tree.
  • The following types of tree stewardship messages are approved:
    • “Please curb your dog”
    • “Watering 15–20 gallons a week helps this tree thrive”
    • “Refrain from walking on the soil”
    • “Please donʼt litter”
  • Any organizational logo included must take up no more than 10 percent of the total imprint area of the sign.
  • The surface area of each sign shall be no larger than 12 inches by 8 inches and must preserve the aesthetic quality of the tree and the tree bed.
  • We reserve the right to conceal, cover or remove temporary signage that may interfere with conducting official city business.